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 Application for Membership Illustrators Ireland

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– featured portfolio on the Illustrators Ireland webpage.
– opportunities to participate in membership events and exhibitions.
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Membership 2023

Step 1 of 11 - Basic Information

  • Welcome to Illustrators Ireland's Membership Application. To be eligible to apply you'll need:

  • List the other organisations you are a member of.
  • Please write a brief description about yourself and your work.
  • Name and email of two referees
  • List your skills, media and techniques you use.
  • If your application is successful this will be your username.
  • Portfolio and Work samples

    For your application to be judged: Upload 10 samples of work, at least 6 commercially published pieces, labelled 1 to 10. (For your application to be eligible you'll need to upload 6 commercially published pieces.) Submit all images in .jpg format. Maximum image size 700kb dimensions 1024px. Minimum image dimensions 700px. Describe each piece uploaded referring to it by file name. Please include media, client and usage, stating whether it was a commercial or personal piece.