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Membership of Illustrators Ireland is available to independent professional illustrators who are Irish citizens or long-term residents of Ireland.

Important: Information you supply will be used by Illustrators Ireland for administrative purposes within the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). This includes maintaining membership databases.

All personal data will be securely stored, and we will not supply it to third parties. This personal data may include your name, address, email address, IP address and membership or application status. Your data will only be accessed by responsible individuals with administrative responsibilities, and only for the intended purpose.

If you have any questions about this, please contact admin@illustratorsireland.com


To be considered for membership an applicant must have an established and ongoing professional illustration practice, and a minimum of 3 years professional experience. You must also at minimum have at least 6 commercially published pieces. Applications are considered annually, and are assessed by a portfolio review, please see ‘How to apply’ below, for further details. Illustrator Ireland aims to open up for new Membership applications during 1st October – 31 December each year. Submitted applications are considered in January the following year.

Illustrators Ireland exists and functions as a result of the voluntary efforts of it’s members. Potential applicants must accept that, in joining Illustrators Ireland, they are joining a community, not subscribing to a service. All members are obliged to contribute to the ongoing efforts of sustaining and developing Illustrators Ireland and abide by it’s Code of Conduct. Please see ‘Code of Conduct’ below for further details.

  • Applicants must have an established and ongoing professional illustration practice, and a minimum of 3 years professional experience.
  • Applicants must submit 10 recent samples of work for assessment, at least 6 of which must have been published with a commercial fee paid for their usage.
  • Applicant must agree to contribute to efforts of sustaining and developing Illustrators Ireland.
  • Applicants must accept the illustrators Ireland Code of Conduct.
  • Applicants must be contactable by email.
  • Applicants must have a well maintained and up to date online portfolio.
  • Applicants are expected to be technically proficient to apply for membership according to the technical requirements in the membership application form and maintaining their own portfolio.
  • Illustrator Ireland aims to open up for new Membership applications during 1st October – 31 December each year. Submitted applications are considered in January the following year.
  • Inclusion in the portfolio section of www.illustratorsireland.com, including your contact details and links to your personal website.
  • Automatic subscription to the Illustrators Ireland e-group, putting you in regular contact with other Illustrators Ireland members, a valuable source of advice and support.
  • Voting rights at annual meeting.
  • Invitation to participate in collaborative promotional projects.
  • Invitation to participate in professional development events.
  • The opportunity to promote your own illustration work and projects through Illustrators Ireland social media channels.

Membership of Illustrators Ireland carries with it an obligation to engage with the ongoing enterprises of the group. Illustrators Ireland is a non profit organisation and only exists and functions as a result of the voluntary efforts of it’s members.  The following are a set of guidelines by which Illustrators Ireland members are expected to abide:

Business Practice
  • Illustrators Ireland members must endeavour to be proficient in the running of their businesses and act in an honorable and honest way. Members behaviour reflects on Illustrators Ireland membership as a whole.
  • Illustrators Ireland provides a model terms and conditions document and an estimate form which members are encouraged to use. In any case, members should ensure that the licensing agreement between the illustrator and the client is clear to both parties and is confirmed in writing at the outset of a job. This can protect both the illustrator and the client in any given disagreement.
  • Members shall always make sure that they are contactable in some way during the course of a job. Ideally, clients should be informed of any impending periods of unavailability.
  • All information and correspondence between client and illustrator are confidential and should be treated as such, save in the case of a dispute.
  • All members must ensure that their work is original.
  • Members must ensure that they adhere to the delivery deadlines set out at the beginning of the job. The client should be consulted if there is any expectation that the delivery time will be exceeded.
  • Members are expected to educate themselves about, and if necessary discuss with the client, the principles of copyright, contract and licensing.
  • Members must adhere to any licensing agreements entered into with their clients.
  • Where the brief is loose and unspecific, the likelihood is that changes will be made at the roughs stage. Members should be agreeable to such changes when they are of a reasonable nature.
  • Extra fees should be added to the final bill, only if significant changes are made to the brief.
  • Members should not undertake unpaid speculative work. Of course, self-promotional work is necessary and doesn’t apply in this case.
  • Members of Illustrators Ireland agree to indemnify Illustrators Ireland as an organisation, its directors, executive and all other members from any disagreement, arbitration or actions resulting from illegality, negligence, infringement of copyright or any other rights of any third party resulting from their actions. All materials created or supplied by Members remain their personal responsibility at all times.
Your Illustrators Ireland portfolio
  • Members should maintain their portfolio on the Illustrators Ireland website, and are required to update it at least once every six months.
Promotion of Illustrators Ireland
  • Members should promote the Illustrators Ireland website as best they can, including providing a link to illustratorsireland.com on their own website.
Social, media, news and features
  • Members should submit news or events relating to their work, and be open to participate in features or articles.

Membership fees are paid annually with payment due the 31st of May. The membership subscription is running from the 1st of June to 31 of May the following year. If a member’s membership expires, and they choose to rejoin, they will have to go through the selection process again and have their application assessed by the membership judges. Their join date/expiration dates will be changed to reflect the new month/year of when they rejoined.

A member will be deemed to be lapsed, and not eligible for membership benefits on the first full day following their renewal date if payment has not been received and recorded.

Illustrators Ireland aims to open for membership renewals during 1st of October – last day of December each year. Membership applications are reviewed in January/February the following year. Our Membership Officer will get back to applicants on the status of your application.

A member joining for the first time, or renewing a lapsed membership, will not be considered as a member of Illustrators Ireland until they have been provided with confirmation from the Membership Officer.

Lapsed members who do not pay their annual subscription fee will be deemed to be a former member if the payment is not received within 2 months of their renewal date. Former members will be deemed eligible for deletion from the membership database, groups and portfolio profile after that date.