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Vince Reid
Ciara Coogan
John White
Stephen Synnott
JG O’Donoghue
Ron Wilson
Eoin Coveney
Karen Nolan
Fergal O’ Connor
Chrissy Curtin
Shona Shirley Macdonald
Helena Grimes
Cesca Saunders
Tatyana Feeney
Declan Considine
Conor Nolan
Jon Berkeley
Aidan Cooney
Debbie Jenkinson
Linda Fahrlin
Digital Beast
Alé Mercado
Michael Emberley
Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
Lauren O’Neill
Maurice Pierse
Olivia Golden
Sarah Bowie
Jacky Sheridan
Brian Gallagher
Margaret Anne Suggs
Olwyn Whelan
Damian O’Donohue
Naomi McBride
Una Gildea