We're looking for YOUR artwork for Our Exquisite Portraits! Send it in by 'snail mail'

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Send in YOUR artwork

Send your artwork in this address:

The Lab
Dublin City Arts Office
c/o Illustrators Ireland
Foley Street
Dublin 1

We need you to add some artwork based on nature and wildlife – some of the poetic elements from the outdoors – to this strange family portrait. We are looking for you to create: birds, flowers, plants, insects, leaves, mushrooms, blossoms, snails, squirrels… your own pictures of anything you love that comes from nature around you.

Everyone’s creations will be integrated into the finished GIANT Exquisite Portraits exhibition when museums and galleries reopen.

To participate:

Artwork should be around A6 in size (standard postcard sized).

Please use bright colours

You can put your name and age on the back of your piece

Send your artwork by ‘snail mail’ to the address above